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Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies
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Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies

Mots clés: Management 
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Publication Ville / Pays:Etas (15 octobre 2014)
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La description:
The system of fashion and luxury goods found fertile ground in the Italian and international spheres from the late 1970s to the 1980s. Today, however, these favourable conditions no longer exist. First, fashion and luxury are not one single concept anymore. Instead, companies have to manage a variety of fashions and luxuries, given to the ever-expanding yet simultaneously greater segmentation of markets.
A new world requires a fresh, more sophisticated way of approaching these industries. Strategies once based on a single product and a single brand for a single consumer today must be able to segment their offering through a differentiated value proposition for different segments on diverse markets in terms of product, retail, communication, and service. From this perspective, the book intends to serve as a handbook for managing key business processes at fashion and luxury companies in a context undergoing a radical evolution; providing substantiation through a variety of real-life examples stemming from 15 years of experiences of the authors.
The book also adopts a European perspective, considering the case of medium sized firms, managed by an entrepreneur or a family, willing to improve their management skills.

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